Saturday, 6 June 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

KD and I are at the airport waiting for the plane, boarding tickets at the ready. We've just said bye to Mum and Patrick who are off to Portugal for two weeks.
I'm still in shock that my bag was only 15 kilos! The lightest I've ever packed and for the longest trip!
Feeling a lot more relaxed now that I'm here and everything is sorted. Still doesn't seem real. Holiday starts when they bring the drinks trolley and I have a Bloody Mary.
Plan is to read and actually watch films. I did ask at check in if I could take my knitting on the plane but they laughed and said no!
Can't believe I'm having to carry a copy of the Times for Anna! She says she is missing English newspapers and as it was all she asked for how can I refuse.
Right off to find our gate.....

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