Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Still Here!

Haven't updated this much to say the least! Internet access hasn't
been plentyful and neither has the desire to sit at a computer!

Having an amazing time and done far too much to do this justice!

Been to Singapore, Bali, Gili Air, Lombok and now in Java! Then it's
off to Borneo, KL, Cambodia and then back through Singapore to go home!

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Thursday, 11 June 2009


Arrived in Bali after an early start and an Airport trip with two guys from the hostel, one of which had been at Liverpool uni at the same time as me! Small World.

We had best intentions to get the bus to Ubud however the information man we disturbed to ask questions thought we were crazy so we settled on a taxi. On arrival we had to find somewhere to stay so headed to our first choice from our books. Was nice but a little pricey (for Bali) so looked around. Soon we were too hot and the others not so good so after an embarrassing failed attempt at bartering we were sorted.

Organised a few activities then its been non stop since. Balinese Dance show on the first night followed by a hectic day yesterday off Cooking Class including market tour then a wander round the shops where we improved our bartering stills - good price!

Dragged ourselves out on a run which was very worth while. We couldn't find the path we were after and ended up running down the side of the paddy fields where i lost my footing and took a slight tumble! After the run and the PT session from Capt Watson we collapsed for a read of books and papers and a few beers on our veranda.

Today is shopping in the market this morning then traditional pork and crackling for lunch. Then we plan to work that off at a Balinese dance class. To round the day off we have a massage and pedicure booked in.

Plan is to move on tomorrow after an early morning Yoga session and head to the coast for Anna to dive and me to work on my tan - i feel so white its unbelievable.

Monday, 8 June 2009

End of day one

Busy first day and KD is spending the evening chilling out with a beer. Only one mind you as that is all is pocket money will cover.Singapore is not cheap. We discovered S$8 will buy you an array of items depending on where you are. It's almost one price for all with some better value than others. It was S$8 for an iced coffee, a banana leaf curry(the size of a tray),a tshirt, 1 beer,plenty of sushi for one!That being said we are eating well but averaging 1 beer a night! Probably won't do us any harm.

Hostel is nice with good location and good extras. Spent the day touring round a very large town in the stinking heat so just having an easy night relaxing.

Did also manage to fit in a spot of planning so we have our next destination sorted. Off to Bali on wed for some relaxation, massages and cooking classes. It's a hard life but we're coping.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

KD and I are at the airport waiting for the plane, boarding tickets at the ready. We've just said bye to Mum and Patrick who are off to Portugal for two weeks.
I'm still in shock that my bag was only 15 kilos! The lightest I've ever packed and for the longest trip!
Feeling a lot more relaxed now that I'm here and everything is sorted. Still doesn't seem real. Holiday starts when they bring the drinks trolley and I have a Bloody Mary.
Plan is to read and actually watch films. I did ask at check in if I could take my knitting on the plane but they laughed and said no!
Can't believe I'm having to carry a copy of the Times for Anna! She says she is missing English newspapers and as it was all she asked for how can I refuse.
Right off to find our gate.....